My Portfolio

On this page, you can find some of the other pieces I have written for my class this semester.

For my long-form print project, I chose to interview one of my dear friends, Meghan Raynes-Matthews. Meghan affiliates with the Mormon Church, is a lobbyist in Denver, and is a member of a family of six. She has identified as a feminist for as long as she can remember, and has been an active voice for gender equality within the Mormon Church for many years. I had the opportunity to talk with her about what it means to be a Mormon feminist, and how she is living her life to combat the inequality she feels around her. The interview can be found below:

An Exersice in Frustration

For my long-form online project, I wrote a piece about the current program for young women in the Mormon Church, and the core values that young women are encouraged to learn and adapt into their daily lives. These values are very traditional and encourage girls to set goals to become good wives and wise mothers. In my experience, I have found many flaws with these values, and I have found them to be very exclusive. Not every young girl can fit into the perfect Mormon mold, and I feel strongly that the values in the Young Women’s program need to be edited and adapted to be inclusive of everyone. I modeled the article after the popular blog, Young Mormon Feminists, and I am hoping to submit my article to them as a guest post. The link to my article can be found here:

For my multimodal project, I decided to make a video-type-invention that allows the viewer to deeply contemplate the existence of the feminine divine. In Western Christian culture today, it is common practice that spiritual power, control, influence, and organization lies in the hands of men. I wanted to create something that would spark a sense of awareness of the divine feminine and Her influence in our lives. This invention features questions taken from a Facebook poll I conducted, as well as a simple poem and reflection on my relationship with the feminine divine. The video can be found here:


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