About Me

My name is Shakira Johnson. I am an American college student studying Music and Japanese in Colorado. I was born into a righteous Mormon household; righteous, but nowhere near traditional. I was raised by both working mother and father, loving parents who cherished their marital relationship above all else. My strong and independent mother taught me what it meant to have a voice and to stand up for the things in which I believe. She taught me that even in the midst of life’s most devastating challenges, I can find hope in Divinity. My steadfast father encouraged me to dream lofty dreams, and set lofty goals. He taught me how to have pure communion between the grand pull of nature and the gentle sway of my soul.

The purpose of this blog is to explore what it means to be a woman in today’s world. I will be writing about feminism in general, but my main purpose will be to research what is already out there, to find what is already being said, and then to take those ideas and articulate my own thoughts and feelings. I want to talk mostly about feminism and gender equality and how it applies to my life; specifically, I would like to explore what is being said about women in the Mormon church.

I want to write about this because, to be honest, I am facing some pretty significant trials of my faith right now due to inequality within the Church. So, I guess I am mainly writing this blog for myself, in order to discover my feminine divinity. But, I am hoping that other Mormon feminists will take an interest in my blog, and help me discover my true identity, my true path to happiness and enlightenment.

I believe in Divinity. I believe there is Divinity that lives within each of us. Please feel free to join me in my search for holiness as I channel the Feminine Divine.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. It’s amazing that you are doing this, I love the critical points addressed in your blog. I think to further close the gap in gender inequality in our society we need to come forth with issues that continue to hold us back, whether that be our religious practice, cultural or social norms.

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  2. Shakira,
    I’m so happy to read your blog! I too am having a huge crisis of faith, all stemming from this equality between men and women. I have such a pull towards equality that as sometimes it takes me by surprise! You know that your dad and I were raised in a home with a stay-at-home mother who loved us and feared for us at the same time. What I took away from being raised in a righteous Mormon family was that my role was to stand behind a man and tie myself to his ideals etc. And that his role was to speak to God for me, and that God would speak to me though that man. This was very popular teaching at the time and I accepted that. I think that sometimes if a man is righteous, this may work… I no longer accept that any man can speak for me anymore. My relationship with MY Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother is mine alone. I’m very sad that I feel the culture I was raised in taught me and other women to become victims That is something I am NO LONGER willing to be. I am a fighter. My Heavenly Parents sent me to earth that way.(Just like they send people with addictions and people who are in the wrong bodies, and people who are gay. This life is a test for them, AND for us, who need to learn to be more accepting, and learn to love unconditionally.) I ask questions and expect answers; and when I don’t feel like those answers are enough I ask more. I make waves when I rock the boat, and you know what? My Heavenly Parents KNOW that about me and they LOVE me still and because! To me feminism means equality, and love, and acceptance. I find it interesting that the most loving, accepting people I know are mostly women… Your Daddy and Momma some of my heroes. My parents, who don’t believe they are budding feminists, (but are,) are also my heroes. You my darling girl are leading a cause that I’m excited to be apart of! I love you! BE STONG on this journey! It’s a doozy!


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